Introducing Plug — Multichain DeFi Aggregator

Plug Exchange
2 min readJan 28, 2022


Plug is a Multi-chain DEFI Aggregator that chooses and picks best prices available from all major DEFI platforms.

What is Plug & why PLUG?

With multiple blockchains in this space, all Defi users must visit multiple DEXs and bridges to trade. At the community end, we have noticed a lot of new people losing money due to the lack of knowledge on different chains.

Considering the high maintenance costs and complex interfaces, a minimum gas fee is impossible with other AMMs, making it hard to compete with DEXs or crypto markets. They are not allowed to swap a small portion in each exchange pair, which means more money goes out. At the same time, trades happen inside these platforms rather than being done directly between two parties who would meet face-to-face if possible!

Plug Connecting users from DeFi Ecosystem

PLUG wants to build a multichain Defi aggregator with a friendly UI. Plug aims to provide a one-stop solution that will cover all the user needs regarding defi. Users can save time by using PLUG no need to search native token DEX or swap, users can save money with PLUG Swap & bridge best matching & less slippage router. With PLUG Farming & Vaults, users can make money from various networks and blockchains.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our announcements for updates on the testnet and other functionality launches that are set to go live!

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